Drama Queen

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Challenge #01281-C186: Monarch of the Stage

[Person #1], along with the dry wit and perfect sarcasm and near-unflappable calm, is a secret drama queen. Like, [Person #2]'s a Drama Queen, but [Person #1]'s at least the drama princess of a small kingdom in disguise. -- RecklessPrudence

Kel had been attempting to unriddle Lord Auditor Vorkosigan for some time. An effort not even slightly assisted by the fact that he was training new staff. Far from home. In the middle of an emergency.

And, unfortunately for all of them, his chosen gopher/armsman/dogsbody was a complete drama queen. Everything that went wrong was an utter disaster. Even the slightest questioning of the Auditor's actions or motives was tantamount to treason. In fact, the only person who treated his role as the Emperor's Voice more seriously was Lord Auditor Vorkosigan himself.

And there were reasons why Vorkosigan had chosen Delwither for the role. The man had the energy to keep up with Vorkosigan's own forward momentum, go on his insane quests, and maintain his crown as monarch of all things dramatic.

He was such a dazzling distraction that it took Kel months to notice...

Lord Auditor Miles Vorkosigan was a secret drama queen himself. He may not be the chief monarch, thanks to Delwither's sparkling performances... but he was, at the minimum, the secret drama princess of a small kingdom in disguise.

But then again, the Barrayarans were a drama empire unto their own.

And, worryingly, Vorkosigan had a knack for stagecraft.

Kel just had to pray that this was not going to be a Grand Guignol.

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