Don'T Panic

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Thursday, Redlining it

Beloved binged chapters right up to The Kiss(tm). Which means that there's VERY FEW chapters between where she's up to and where I'm writing.

So I really should hustle some more chapters.

BUT I also have to fix a dungeon map, tag a week for the app, summarise a chapter for the pitmad. And find a moment for myself to chill and enjoy stuff.

I'm feeling a little pressed right now.

But I know Beloved understands me and will ease off on wanting chapters for a little bit. She doesn't want to reach the bottom of the bikkie jar.

I had best make more bikkies chapters. And get on with my PLNs for the day.

Shutting down everywhere

Beloved managed to score some limited little luxuries and, by all reports, everything be completely batshit bonkers out there. People are panic-buying ALL sorts of bullshit. I know when I went for my week's ration of ice cream, there was almost NO flour. There were three packets of wholemeal flour, of which I only took one.

I only needed one. So I got one.

Meanwhile, Beloved got SIX firkin packets of eggs. Like, each one is 18 eggs, and they got six

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Steam Powered Giraffe Website Down.



Hello everyone!

We wanted to inform you all that Steam Powered Giraffe’s Engineer-eteer site, forums, and comic are all down currently and are not accesable.

We are working to get everything back up and working as soon as we can.
Thank you for your patience!

Ima trying…

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