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One Day, a Difference

I'm currently involved in an email debate with someone over my hurting rich people's feelings with a few words versus their ability to literally ruin everything. I will continue to call out the wealthy for their bad choices until they make a whole fuckton of good ones to prove me wrong.

Like, on the Wealthy People Agenda of things they could be doing but choose not to:

  • Demonetize the medical industry
  • Pay all employees a thriving wage
  • Promote and employ alternative energy industries
  • Clean the oceans
  • Eliminate plastic waste by promoting the manufacture of biodegradable alternatives
  • Fund a sane re-use of extant plastics and workable solutions for their disposal
  • Re-popularise vaccinations
  • Restore trust in science
  • Globally eliminate rabies
  • Entirely fund NASA

I'm fairly certain that the 2200+ billionaires in the world could group together and do all of that without losing a single summer home in the process. They just don't.

The choices they've made for this world are venal and immoral.

They're welcome to prove me wrong, but first, they should get on that agenda up there.