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One more week...

One more week before I find out what's happening with my car. I know what's happening to it, because that part's inevitable. The inevitable bit is that my zippy little car is "going to a farm in the country". Whether or not it's going as scrap is up to what we can afford.

I... hate driving the landbarge, but my options are limited to the extreme.

It sucks, but I'm still able to get about and do things. That's always a plus when I have to go places and do things pretty much 24/7.

Compared to not being able to go places and do things, I would much rather have the landbarge.

As for game night, the DM had the Lurgi, so there was no game night. On the plus side, I got to watch the latest Terminator movie with Beloved. It's the usual horseshit, but it was fun. Go see for the spectacle.

I needed that sanity break.

I might be taking another one today. Just... horsing around with whatever tickles my fancy. Or taking extended naps. I'll see when I get there.

For now? I work on some fresh fiction for y'all.

Challenge #02085-E261: One Heartbreaking Revelation Far From Home

"Dragons are such majestic, Noble creatures!"

Drunk dragon forces its way through the doorway then collapses and starts snoring -- TheDragonsFlame

Marvin was grinning at everything around him like a child at their first Winterfeast Festival. He would giggle at odd moments and was almost vibrating with glee. Lady Anthe had her hood down for the first time since they had begun as an adventuring party because this was where the dragon-folk lived. Kobolds, Dragonborn, assorted Lizardkin, and actual real live Dragons

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