Dinner Date

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Dinner Party

Miss Chaos has a Graduation Dinner tonight. My love and I managed to luck into extra tickets, so we will be attending with Chaos. And maybe doing some dancing if dancing becomes a thing.

Meanwhile, I have some racist ablism to go off about on my Wordpress so I could be doing a thinkpiece about this wonderful piece of news.

I'm glad there's an active community to get cheesed off about this and I can only hope that the petition works. As an Autistic person of dubious means, I am thoroughly on the kid's side.

Even though I can't be tossed out of this country because my family's been here for generations, the threat's inherent. I, too, could be "deemed a burden on the taxpayer" and tossed aside like garbage. I am not garbage, thankyouverymuch, and I refuse to be deemed as garbage.

So should every Autiste on the planet, IMHO.

I am still trying to figure out structures in DungeonDraft. I did figure out cliffs, so there's that. I shall work on it until I get too frustrated.

I do my output and taggings before I get on to the other stuff, so I shall at least have that for my loyal followers.

Story happens after Bus O'Clock. Which is happening soon. Everything else goes after that.