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Challenge #03097-H189: The Alliance Has Hackers Too

Look dude I set the bar pretty low, you brought a f@#$%! shovel -- Anon Guest

[AN: Another one I love is, "The bar was set so low that it was a tripping hazard in Hades, but you had to go limbo with the devil." It's just... SO raw and so delicious.]

P.T. Barnum said it best, There's one born every minute. He anticipated people willing to believe his particular brand of bafflegab, but there's suckers that will fall for anything if you shovel the right horseshit. For many of them, if you just keep yelling the same lie, they will believe it. Such was life for Pundit Koltaan Virulgens, who told the people what the CEO's said they needed to know.

This was a big event, according to a month of hype. Where Koltaan himself, as the voice of the people for Greater Deregulation Upper South-West, was leaving the safety of the libertarian paradise to expose the deprivation and suffering in the Galactic Alliance. Full livesuit, live cam, the works. Billions would be tuning in. Great for ratings.

There were auxiliary camera crews, of course, to get everything that Koltaan's helmet cam didn't pick up. There were teams of hackers to snatch securicam feed from "the enemy" and add it to the supercuts of Koltaan's adventures in the depraved wilderness that was the rest of the alliance. "This is it, oh my faithful. This airlock leads to the hideous hellscape that the Alliance does not want you to see." Techie teams had to jimmy it open, and when it moved, it squealed like a dying beast.

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