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Challenge #03503-I215: Gunboat Immunity

A species is found that is immune, not only to the immunoflu, but to all other known diseases. Their immune systems are insanely adaptive and very quickly, once one being contracts and survives an illness, the entire species soon develops the same adaptation. -- Anon Guest

[AN: In humans, being apparently immune to everything is an early warning sign for Multiple Sclerosis. Not recommended]

Of course they were Deathworlders. Havenworlders wouldn't have a reason to have such an immune system, and those who were neither Havenworlders nor Deathworlders[1] were more or less fine with their own adaptations.

Clearly, this was a case of scientific curiosity.

Analysts, Mediks, and Genetechs swarmed for the Vulnerat polity just to find out how they did it and if it could be harnessed for everyone's longer lifespan. Disease took so many lives, shortened them, or left survivors with lingering after-effects. Getting rid of all that nonsense seemed like an ideal plan. Until the investigators started dying of unknown causes.

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