Day Twenty-One

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Long Monday, Plague Day 21, End the Roids

Today is the last day I am taking the roid pills. Also the day I should make appointment to find out about roid puffer and get body mod referral. Not that I know when those mods will -or if- ever happen.

Today is also Long Monday, so most of my activity will be via apps.

There's also the Foundry reads, later on.

After I get a napnap.

I have PLNs to at least acquire Beloved's Outaversary present. I may be making a cake, because buying a fancy cake is too much money for this nerd.

There's never enough time, money, or energy for everything. I have resolved myself to taking only the steps I am capable of.

Which are teenier and tinier than I would like, damnit.

I shall stream, and take my roid puffer, and nap. Then publish. Soon to perhaps slow shaking like a little wet dog. Wish me luck.