Day Seven

A 2-post collection

Monday, Plague Day 7, Quirblies

I've got some internal nonsense happening related to the plague. Or it could be related to the antibiotics. I don't know. Either way, staying hydrated is a priority of sorts.

Might be looking up how to make Miso soup in the home with the stuff I have to hand. I'll need all of that. Not that I feel too tremendously terrible. Yet.

I'm trying to stay far away from civilisation whilst I still have symptoms. I shall be re-establishing a normal soon. It looks like I have my voice back, but I think I'll take another week off of streaming just to be safe.

No throwing up, just some acidic burps. The other way... well at least it's not painful.

Taking things very easily, and also taking frequent bathroom breaks, I shall get today's tale done.

And then probably nap again.

Sunday, Day 7, Lazy Day

The active case count is down to FIVE. The days without new case is up to SEVEN. This hasn't happened in so long, and I'm just waiting for another Moonmelon Tinfoil idiot to turn up and ruin it for everyone. That's what happened the last time there was a Day Twelve and there hasn't been a day this high since then.

Who knows? Maybe people are finally taking this bullshit seriously since there's consequences for acting like a dickhole. Financial and social

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