Day Out

A 3-post collection

Saturday, Brunch Shenanigans

I'm going out for brunch with Beloved and my DM. Which are two different people. I've never had a brunch before so this promises to be interesting.

I've also got Miss Chaos trying No Frills Clarityne in the hopes that this fixes the dang cough. Fingers crossed.

She may have similar issues with Sneezin and Wheezin Season that I do. Dangit.

BUT I also have to be ready for everything tut suite so we can be offski ASAP. Fun.

I am also on the no-frills antihistamine. Yay. See if that changes my breathing experience. I am fully prepared to be diagnosed with Dummins for the previous weeks.


Thursday, A Day Out

Beloved has booked us to go watch Everything, Everywhere, All At Once. Which is only on in limited theatres for a limited time. But it does mean we go out shopping for things and looking at cool nerdy stuff so I shall count that win.

Other PLNs may happen later in the day.

IF I get any progress, it is double win.

BUT for now I need to focus on doing stuff that happens every day.

Let's nyoom.

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Friday, Day 0, End of Year Funtimes

Plague news: 2 222 new cases, all local transmissions. There's 8 586 total active cases, 103 are in hospital.

Vax news:

  • Australia's at 94.3% first vax,
  • 91.3% fully vaxxed
  • Queensland's at 90.6% first vax,
  • 86.4% fully vaxxed
  • Last place goes to NT, at 89.2% first vax,
  • 84.2% fully vaxxed

Today, the fam is having a grand day out with all the girls and a gift exchange. I am dressing up for the event, and I still

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