Country Life

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Challenge #02188-E359: Normal is Relative

"Why is that rooster using an airhorn?"

"It's outsourcing its morning crowing." -- TheDragonsFlame

There are downsides to living in quiet country towns and the one you never notice is how casual one can become when faced with things far from normal. It's only when the outsider arrives that things like the neighbours taking their pigs for walks or the rooster down the road greeting the dawn with an air horn get pointed out as unusual.

The same thing goes for the camel that wanders into the local grocery, drops off a golden dubloon, picks up either a watermelon or a pumpkin, and leaves.

Sam had only stopped for a car repair and an overnight stay in the local motel, and had encountered all of these before her breakfast arrived at the local café. It was too early in the morning to deal with it yet, so Sam was busy arguing about it.

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