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Challenge #02085-E261: One Heartbreaking Revelation Far From Home

"Dragons are such majestic, Noble creatures!"

Drunk dragon forces its way through the doorway then collapses and starts snoring -- TheDragonsFlame

Marvin was grinning at everything around him like a child at their first Winterfeast Festival. He would giggle at odd moments and was almost vibrating with glee. Lady Anthe had her hood down for the first time since they had begun as an adventuring party because this was where the dragon-folk lived. Kobolds, Dragonborn, assorted Lizardkin, and actual real live Dragons from Wyrm through Asiatic to Noble.

Every time one flew overhead, he looked up and gaped in awe. Looking like every other tourist who managed to make it alive to Brimstone, gateway to the Draconic Realms. From here, everyone not of Draconic or Reptilian descent was the stand-out, the outsider, the one who didn't belong. It was an area where Anthe could no longer be afraid. Well. Not afraid of as much. She was still a Kobold. Her draconic heritage was not as noble as many might want to believe. In fact, many dragon-folk weren't as noble as many might want to believe.

"When do we tell him?" asked Wraithvine.

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