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Another rant for another time #4: Toxic media industry

Most folks know about the toxic fashion industry. And the unattainable, photoshopped “beauty” in most, if not all, ladies’ magazines. It’s a big thing.

Well, porn is toxic, too. It just doesn’t get talked about because it mentions male floppy bits instead of ladies’ floppy bits. Nobody wants to mention that filth. Euw!

Except for me, because I’m a certified weirdo.

Porn almost exclusively relies on fantasy. The ladies are all attractive. The men are all fabulous. There is not a pube or armpit hair in sight [unless someone out there knows more than I know?] and the -ah- key performances are cleverly cut to go on for ages.

It’s a fantasy, right? People know it isn’t real, right?


It’s been proven that self-image is linked to the images of others we choose to observe, or are forced upon us. It works on ladies, and men do not have such vastly different brains that they’re immune.

True, there’s not much market for fat, hairy people porn, but just remember rule#34. You can freaking make a market.

People have been taught to expect what they see. If they see inflated, impossible, re-touched gods getting laid, they only expect the most perfect to actually get sex.

Worse, because the fantasy of porn involves willing women offering their bodies left, right, centre, upside-down and any direction you can dream up [rule#34], there’s also an unrealistic causal chain between meeting someone attractive and getting sex.

Otherwise, every unlaid man out there would be applying for a job delivering pizzas.

A combination of low self-esteem and high expectations can ruin anyone.

It’s high time for some friggin’ standards all the way across the board. From porn to legitimate theatre and all the echelons in-between.