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Challenge #04166-K148: Unfair Competition

A discord-made prompted from Tergon

A wizard whose long, thin staff has a silvery, ephemeral thread wound around it. In the pockets of his robe are moths, butterflies, glowbugs, collected from across the land. He tells all who will listen that he is the greatest caster alive.

He is in fact a terrible wizard, he's just really into fishing. -- DaniAndShali

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Words can squirm, under the right circumstances. Meaning becomes transmutative. Assumptions... inevitably cause trouble.

The traveler had to be a wizard. They had a strange robe beset with bizarre decorations that looked like every kind of insect. With the wide-brimmed hat and the odd staff, it was no surprise to hear them boast, "I am the best caster in these parts, bar none."

The trouble with assumptions began when they crossed paths with an actual Wizard.

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