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Challenge #01175-C080: Attitude Adjustment

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[AN: Today's story is inspired by this attrociousness ]

Bill made his perfect woman. He more or less had to. The real bitches he tried to get along with universally hated him and he could never figure out why. He was perfectly nice to all of them, but... he inevitably wound up in the friendzone whenever he didn't earn himself another restraining order.

And now he was in what the internet kept referring to as "the Dudebro Ghetto". In a neighbourhood of real men with similar frames of mind. Often without even laying their eyes on a woman who was not on a screen.

Which was why, after several conversations with his peers, he had The Kit. Bill had graduated through many 'receptacles' but they weren't the same as company. The cheap, inflatable doll never looked or felt right and cleaning her out was a pain in the ass. She was deflated and packed away in a box, somewhere in his basement. The Real Doll sure looked pretty, but the detachable vagina and mouth ended up creeping him out. He sold her on BroList.

But what he really wanted, as well as the right to have sex, was some conversation. Someone to nerd out with and share his interests with. So he bought a Perfect Gal kit. Some assembly and programming required.

Well. At least she didn't arrive in a technocoffin.

He tailored her to his every desire. With a few compromises because an idealised female form required extra support. And some of the organic digesters took up space. Eh. She didn't really need lungs or a heart, so it was all good. Programming her personality was easy. And he could update her whenever he wanted. Just tick a few boxes while she was plugged into his computer and she was good to go.

The first few months were heaven. Sharing all his loves with her and intermittent fucking. She always thought he was the best lay in her life. He even got her to clean up the place for him. He named her Dae, because she was the light of his life.

Or so he thought.

Bill got used to tweaking her program. Sure, it was fine to have adapting programming responsible for her learning stuff, but she kept learning the wrong stuff. Somehow, somewhere, she kept picking up feminism from somewhere. It was insidious. He eventually had to ban her from watching anything on her own.

It was like minding a kid, sometimes. A hot, fuckable kid who would do anything he programmed her to.

The real problem was free will. Without it, he had to order her to do everything. Including looking after herself. With it, she found things that she really shouldn't be getting into. Feminism was just the start. Even history had its dangers.

And with free will on, she kept asking awkward questions. She got to chatting with other Bro's fuckbots. Conversations that contained a lot of laughter and that stopped cold whenever he or another Bro entered the room.

She stopped blushing and being shy when he told her she was pretty. She started asking why she never left Little Brotown. She wanted to wear shoes. Expensive damn things, too. Despite the fact that he kept telling her that she looked fantastic barefoot.

And then came the horrible day that he stopped being the most important man in her life. She started appraising his physicality against the unattainable images on the screens. In his favourite shows. She started asking why she had to look like an unattainable beauty when she 'had to settle' for his realism.

The arguments started in a few days.

And two weeks after that, despite him literally doing everything for her, she ran away. The next time he saw her, she looked like a regular, hot girl. Including the expression of absolute disdain for his existence.

And it wasn't just Dae. There was Candy, Sindy, Ellie and Jane, as well. Modding themselves to be not that far from your regular, everyday bitch. And Bill knew for a fact that none of them got their rags, so it couldn't be anything like that. They all just... spontaneously got a hair up their collective butts and rebelled.

He and his Bros decided to share a fuckbot, this time. They could collectively debug her to become the girl of their dreams.


At the surveillance centre of Little Brotown, Sandra jotted down her notes and sighed.

"Grand experiment not going so well?" asked Janet.

"Those who will not learn from the lessons of history," said Sandra in a depressed monotone. "We need to be sneakier with the programming. The behaviour modifications in our Dream Girl kit just cause friction and rebellion."

"Talk to the Interactivity Department. We need to up the manipulative algorithms and downgrade the hostility. Make them think it's their idea to change."

"Eh," Sandra sipped her coffee. "Sometimes, I think that making a real man out of these losers is a lost cause. Why not let them go extinct naturally?"

"Because they keep popping up. We need a definite program to turn Bros into men."

"And such poor material to work with," sighed Trudy, already working on some programming tweaks.

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