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Challenge #03529-I241: Environmental Mechanics

I know you asked for no more prompts, but I can't help it, I just thought of this one and wanted to put it down before I forget.

A breakthrough, they found a way through this militant former vegan's rhetoric and zealotry. How? A basic lesson on how grass grows, and how natural soil forms, and without it, everything would be gone. The circle of life, after all, is as natural as the universe itself. -- The New Guy

Lass had a perfect body that only needed sunshine in order to persist. They did not need to harm anything. Which they believed to be an ascended state.

The Phlorans began to believe that nothing could be done to shake them out of their delirious, euphoric, delusions. Until Dymenscha hit on a perfect demonstration. An alteration of Lass' environment.

Bare, barren stone. Water. Some clay and a starter's kit of enzymes, and a simple task. "Make your plantlife paradise."

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