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It's known, now, why human women have menses, and well documented within the Alliance's medical databases about human reproduction. However, what about those early years, when they were first getting to know more about humans? When human females were having their menses, especially when it was a young female who was having hers for the first time. How hard was it for them in these early days to realize that the humans bled like this for over a week, a heavy blood loss that would have killed most other races, and yet all the humans did was gripe about cramps and want chocolate? -- Anon Guest

[AN: If you do bleed for over a week and lose enough blood to give medical concerns, please consult your medical technician and DO NOT let them pass it off because those are both signs that something is seriously amiss in the uterine department. The actual average daily blood loss is something akin to two fluid ounces, and the lasting time is generally 4-7 days. Anything greater is reason for concern. This has been your menstruation PSA]

Human Ike was a Rescue, and that meant that the crew was watching out for her and any of her warning signs. At least until it finally sank in that she was not at any risk of, (a) being hurt, (b) being probed, or, (c) being eaten. She hadn't gone into hiding for months, and they had believed her initial trepidation to be over.

Until today.

Human Ike was not in her domicile, not anywhere in the easy-access areas of the ship. Not anywhere that required a functioning Livesuit to enter. Not in the more common maintenance access tubes. Which meant, for the first time since they had acquired Ike, she had gone to hiding in the air vents.

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