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Challenge #02152-E323: Meet the Neighbours

"You know, Master, there is this ice-filled uninhabited continent in the South. ...Are we sure it was always ice-filled and uninhabited?" -- Anon Guest

"Currently, Bickreese, the population is entirely penguins and sea lions. In summer, there is moss and algae. Hardly anything to write home about, really."

"I know you said that," Bickreese was naturally nervous, but here, where nights lasted six months, he was more nervous than normal. "That's why you decided to build your secret lab here, under the ice and underground. But. Um..."

Lokax sighed. "Out with it, Bickreese." He did not look up from his studies. Arcane, multiplanar math was difficult, but not so difficult that Lokax couldn't work on his masterpiece and soothe the illogical fears of his assistant.

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