Beverages of Doom

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Challenge #02676-G119: Hot, Brown, and Horrifying

There are many unspoken laws across the galaxy. Don’t provoke a calm man. Fear the wrath of a protective mother. Don’t take any of Human Girth's drinks. Ok maybe not that the last one but it only applies to one ship. -- Anon Guest

Welcome aboard the Poke And Run, do not accept beverages from the Ship's Human. You do not want to know why. Even though we know you'll say you do. The usual rules of space travel apply: never ask what can go wrong, because it will. Never state how things could be worse. Never go for EVA without checking your suit, always have a roll of ductape, and don't ask a Human about their special interests unless you want to be adopted.

There's more, but you already know them. Yes. You want to know about Human Girth and their beverages. Don't say we didn't warn you.

"Oh hey. New hire, right?" The Human is like most Humans. Large, hairy, prone to displaying their teeth. Like many of them, the gender dimorphism present may not match their gender identity, so 'they' or 'ze' will work until they make their preference known. "You want the kitchen tour plus Girth's Beverages Tutorial."

Trust us, you do not want Girth's Beverages Tutorial.

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Challenge #02308-F118: Alternative Uses

Aliens discover energy drinks. The substances are highly corrosive and toxic. They first use it for maintenance of equipment.

Then they learn from the ships' human, that it is supposed to be DRUNK.

Fun for the human. Terror for the Crew.

Update for the Human-Manual. -- Anon Guest

Some products made by Humans for Humans simply perplex the other species within the Alliance. There have been a multitude of alternate uses for the things Humans made. Most of all, for their products

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