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Challenge #03666-J013: Indeed in Need

"It is my dying wish, my beloved havenworlder friend. Take my fortune, for I have so many centuries, and hand out to each person in need one decade each, until the fortune is fully distributed." And with those last words, recorded for posterity, the elderly individual died, peacefully. -- Anon Guest

What does one do with a massive fortune? Centuries of Time, and now the earner of such had declared it a charity fund. For anyone in need. For everyone in need.

Companion Dov let the lawyers have their way with all the records. She was, after all, sensible about these things. One didn't get to be a Human's Companion without being sensible about everything, including Human insanity.

Eventually, it all cleared, and Human Steve's incredible fortune was allowed out into the greater good. It was, like everything else Human, going to cause trouble.

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Challenge #03618-I330: Take Your Ease

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