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Challenge #02109-E286: Meat-ing Place

The Galactic community knows that the human race is omnivorous and that they sometimes prefer meat when stranded or when supplies are low, willingly giving up one dietary options to any remaining crew in order to save them. It was a smart evolutionary path that many alien scholars believed was essential for surviving such a deadly world like Terra.

But no one could have foreseen how much the human race could love meat. Covet it. And fight for it so strongly that they would mentally de-evolve back to their pre-awakened state.

That was until they discovered BBQ season. -- Amberfox

BBQ: Abbrev. for Barbecue (n). A Human activity in which Humans go outdoors or to the nearest alternative to outdoors in order to cook meat on an open fire, or an exposed grill. -- The Galactic Alliance's Guide to Human Activities.

Humans had just been welcomed into the Galactic Alliance and with them came a spike in complaints about the parks. They all homogenised into the phrase, There is nowhere to barbecue.

Sherlock, curious about the complaint, found one of the Humans in the outer reaches of the station and asked, "Can you tell me about this 'barbecue' thing you and your people are demanding?"

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