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The continuing cost of flexibility…So I kind of need these weird kneeling chairs to try and stop my back feeling like I'm being...

The continuing cost of flexibility…

So I kind of need these weird kneeling chairs to try and stop my back feeling like I’m being stabbed. It’s got to the point where I just can NOT be comfortable no matter what.

I sit up, my back aches. I lie down, I get stabbing pain.

Just about the only place I don’t hurt in in a hot bath and I can’t live in one of those. Alas.

The closest place to me that even HAS these style of chairs is in Eagle Farm. That’s fuck-off far away. And they don’t have an internet ordering system. You actually have to go all the fuck way to Eagle Farm to even look at these things. has the chairs. It has delivery. It has online ordering… and it has prices so steep that I might as well go abseiling.

Note, though, that the more expensive chair has cheaper postage and handling. Not that it really matters because you’re already dropping $1.2K on the firkin thing.

And the point is moot, because I can afford neither.

I’d be set if they had kneeling chairs at Officeworks. Hell, I’d be set if they had them at firkin IKEA.

But no.

It’s a niche market. There’s no money in it.

Yeah right.

My only hope is that Kung Fu Zombies goes gangbusters and I can get all the things I have ever dreamed of. Including better health. Or at least some firkin comfort.

This has been your irregularly scheduled Piss And Moan session. Bought to you by Why Does My Life Have To Suck?

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Dream chair. Definitely can't afford it

Cheapest available chair. Still can't afford it.