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Some Loose Onion Translations



He’s certainly strange and a bit of a mischievous kid, yeah, but he’s certainly not malicious and mean.  He just has a different way of communicating than Steven does.

Let me give you some logical explanations as to his behavior so you doods stop calling him a root alien yeah?

Chip Thief- This is probably the least weird thing a kid would do.  He sneaks around and causes mischief to get attention and stave off boredom till Dad comes home.  Nothing too serious or strange, but he probably to be at least a little more disciplined?  It’s all fun and games until ya steal something serious from the temple kid.

Steven Face-Onion doesn’t like food.  So he played with it and carved Steven’s face.   Afterwards he tried to eat, but couldn’t, because when you play with food for too long it’ll get kinda stale an you lose your appetite.  So he spit it out.  He wasn’t sending some weird “I’ll eat Steven’s face” or anything.  He just tried to eat some food after messing around and failed.

Snaaaaaake- Kids like showing off their pets right?  Onion wanted to show Steven his pet snake and since Steven found what was going to be his snakes lunch he thought it would be cool if Steven would like to feed him.  You know, like giving your friend a bone to give to your dog? Yeah like that.  It’s not weird for Onion to feed his snake live mice cuz that’s just what he does as a snake owner.

Birthing Video-Sometimes the whole “showing your kid how you gave birth” thing isn’t as weird to some families, and is a way of showing how much you love them.  Like “This is you.  This is when you came into our lives.  This is you’re first breadth.  Isn’t is amazing?” type of thing.  He wanted to share that moment with Steven, not because it’s creepy, but because it’s important to him.  He even has what appears to be his baby picture in his treasure room.

Treasure Box Room- Onion realized that Steven’s not gonna appreciate his stuff the way he does.  So instead he show Steven something he knows they both like.  The toys.  He even goes so far as to give Steven one, as a way of apologizing for a previous episode, as well as a sign of friendship.  It’s something that can finally connect the two.

Moooouuuuse- Onion realized that Steven didn’t want to have his snake eat a live mouse in front of him.  So Onion decided at the end to show Steven that “Don’t worry-I didn’t give it to him.  It’s okay.”  He might have put it in his mouth cuz he’s not supposed to take them out of the house, or he might still be teasing Steven in his own, weird way.  Either way I hope he washed his mouth afterwards…

So there!  Onion’s not threatening or scary.  He just has a different method of communicating and expressing himself from Steven, which is why the kid comes off as creepy.  So don’t demonize the kid is all I’m saying?

Get it?  Got it?  Good.

I’m getting some square pizza.

Yes this is precisley what I thought of Onion

Yeah Onion is deeply ASD 2K15…