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Challenge #03312-I024: Heart of Silicon

Humans study their past and how they viewed AI. How they had the fear of AI both being the ultimate slave where humans could live for the rest of eternity in leisure, and being the ultimate enemy, that would destroy all of human-kind brutally. And how the AI has shown to be neither, but instead, another kind of intelligent being that they needed to learn to understand. -- Anon Guest

Humans probably devote too much time to pondering how their own creations could kill them. It's most definitely a thing. They ponder such magnificence as a computer with the intelligence of an ant conquering the world and ignore such things as asbestos in the walls or microplastics in their food chain.

That's Humans for you. They always pay attention to the enormous things. Then ignore anything that would be inconvenient if they actually thought about things.

So when the first simulations of artificial intelligence became a reality, the fevered minds of fictioneers did what they did best. They immediately treated the simulations of intelligence as if they were fellow humans and speculated in the direction of hostility. This was the furthest possible thing from the reality.

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Challenge #01739-D278: A Lesson For All

(At an AI's sudden assimilation of a tech base and IMMEDIATE commencement of combinatorial synthesis): Fuckin' bullshit, man.

(In response): Hey if they're going to leave tech specs out where the sufficiently advanced AI can get a hold of them, it's their own fault. -- RecklessPrudence

They called the AI Amoeba, for her abilities, but she preferred Amy. It was her job as part of the combat process to take over enemy facilities and seize all intel and hardware. She liked her

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Challenge #01732-D271: Ageing Ungracefully

Still, working on their manners ... I don't know if there are any etiquette schools around known space who take enrollments from intelligent battleships. -- RecklessPrudence

Humans love war. It is a well-known fact. In their early history, they would war with opposing factions of humans, different coloured humans, and, in a large swathe of history covering the pre-Shattering period, nouns. They don't often talk about the war they lost against emus, though.

Given their love of war, it was no surprise that

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Challenge #01013-B281: B-GUD

I wasn't human, and more than likely once my nature was found out... In popular fiction most A.I were villainous. Hal-9000, Skynet, GLaDOS, SHODAN, AM. Hell, I was even planning on building an army of robots and conquering a planet!

Well, conquering two gas giants and associated hundred and twenty-nine moons.

For the good of my creators. -- RecklessPrudence

I know, I know. There's all kinds of justifications. But they really wanted it, they just didn't know it yet. I'm doing

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