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Challenge #01473-D012: Life is But a Dream

Imagine waking up from a coma, in a hospital where you were no longer called a patient, but the term 'consumer' was used. That the care you received was based on the cost of doing business, not your outcome as a patient. That the normal systems and avenues to access resources had all changed massively, and when you ask how long you were in a coma, you find out that the coma didn't exist. That your family was changed, that the people you once loved were almost human at times, but in certain flashes, they resembled blood-soaked monsters who feed on kindness and generosity. That a few good people in leadership positions try to fight the invasion, but the whole world is looking to you because you what? Woke up to a "new world order", that you were "immune to the infected antidote", that you were the last "human" on earth, etc. where does she/he go from that point in their journey? -- @kristy1

[AN: I fixed your prompt up for readability. I hope you don't mind. Also I get the feeling that this is a very specific nightmare for you]

Syd woke up from a dream of dancing and rather good music to a white ceiling. Beige walls. Sterile scent to the air. What? was her immediate thought. There were no flowers. No cards. No helium balloons. But there was also no pain, and a partition up against where the window should have been. She pressed the call button.

"Your call has been noted and logged, and your patient number placed in a service queue," said a calm, mechanical voice from somewhere behind her head. "You are currently number. Two. Seven. In the service queue. We know you had a choice in medical assistance, and we thank you for supporting Insuricare."

"...what?" Syd mumbled. Her mouth was dry. And there was no carafe of water on her beige bed table. Nor on the set of drawers by the bedside. There were five other beds, all neatly made, but nobody else in the room with her.

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