Swing and a miss

Just when I get into the swing of things, the pendulum shifts and everything goes agley all over again.

Beloved is taking off in the early-early morning, before I can even badger the kids into getting their lunchboxes together. Which means no morning exercises. Which means finding a time in the afternoon to go do it.

Which hasn't happened, so far.

Tomorrow evening, we should be walking around the blocks, again. Starting with the long block and, if we can, going around the short block too.

On the plus side, I have just invented the eBook Stick. I tried reducing the cover for The Amity Incident to keychain sized... and failed. The end result was a blobby imitation of the cover that was a little tiny bit too small for the actual keychain cavity despite my best efforts to get all the measurements right.

I could do Shrinky Dinks, and make a Shrinky Dink cover keychain for the USB stick that contains every possible format. Which might be better. If I can make our printer print on to #6 recyclable plastic. I need to find out if that can be a thing.

I might need to work on that a little bit more. But Chaos' school has the first two prototypes.


Time wears on between me and my potential agent. Part of my brain expects the established pattern of rejection any day now. Whenever I see that an email's come in, I have a little bit of a panic session until I open it and find out that, once again, someone wants to sell me some shit I don't want.

The closer it gets to March the Eighth, the more anxious I'm going to be about it. Until I'm rejected or... I really hope... accepted. Fingers crossed.

But I'm scared of failing again, and I'm really scared of succeeding. I'm not used to that part.

Gotta start somewhere.