Sunday, Unfucking My OS

I am now operating exclusively in Linux. This took a complete new installation and drive wipe to do. I now have to wipe the other drive because nothing works over there.

Very little works over here and I don't know why.

I'm hoping that the wipe on the other drive sets things up properly and de-kinks the bugs.

Bugs like... having to hold down ALT and FN in order to type some proper quote marks and apostrophes.

I solved that last time by deleting and replacing the keyboard settings I'm using. But since the reboot, that's fallen over. I will work something out. Eventually.

In the meantime, my access to stuff is Browser-Only. Complicated by some things needing other apps to open. Fun times.

Meanwhile, I am convinced that I can no longer trust anything served with bottled sauce at Cafe 63. I've tried stuff cooked in barbecue sauce, and stuff served with mayonnaise and tomato sauce. In all of the above cases, I got "the sharts" the next day. So that's another thing I have to add to my list of foods to avoid.

In the meantime, I'm treating myself to cheesy rice and hoping for the best.

Onwards to my offerings.