Sunday, Day Zero, sloth

Thirteen total cases, the new one today is yet another import from overseas, captured in quarantine, and I'm wont to hide under a rock until the case count goes back to single figures again.

I am going to write my Instant and then take a hot bath and then sleep. Great PLN. Hope I get to go through with it.

A glimpse at the headlines:

  • Outbreaks all over the firkin place
  • Sweden now under criticism as fiscal success is paid in actual lives, and continues to be so. The "herd immunity" strategy was a colossal failure, now everyone knows it
  • Dieticians say "lay off the booze", Australians say "F*ck you"
  • Australia slow to get the Covid vaccine because we have medicinal standards that mean it has to be proven safe
  • ACT bans travellers from NSW hotspots, the traffic is stuffed up
  • Repugnicans override Muppet's veto. The cracks are definitely showing between him and his party
  • Information regarding UFO analysis set to be released in 180 days
  • People have knitted the weather to document some of 2020
  • Borders closed once more as the Covid Clusterf*ck goes for another round in NSW and Victoria

Feh. Fiction's way better.