Sunday, Day Zero, One Day of Rest PLN'd

Good news - I have a decent amount of bread in the freezer. Bad news, it was a long and complicated process because I also had to take the cats to the vet and intercept unanticipated house visitors.


Sourdough on its own is complicated enough. Twice that plus cats plus unintended running around plus bread juggling1... leads to one exhausted 'Nutter. I earned treats, but I only had strawberry cheesecake Haagen Daaz.

Then Beloved babysat my breads and voluntarily got me some delicious firkin cakes. I have the best life partner.

The bad news is that there's a leaning tower of sourdough on the chopping board and a whole loaf on the cooling rack awaiting actual even slices. There are now roughly four loafs in the freezer and just enough room for one more if I shuffle around the chicken hearts2. So it kind'a worked out.

I'm staying away from the news today. After I finish writing my Instant, I'm headed for the tub.

  1. Baking one batch of bread whilst prepping the next batch with later baking in mind.

  2. Yes they are vac-baggied in serving sizes for the kitties, thank you for worrying