Sunday, Day 7, Lazy Day

The active case count is down to FIVE. The days without new case is up to SEVEN. This hasn't happened in so long, and I'm just waiting for another Moonmelon Tinfoil idiot to turn up and ruin it for everyone. That's what happened the last time there was a Day Twelve and there hasn't been a day this high since then.

Who knows? Maybe people are finally taking this bullshit seriously since there's consequences for acting like a dickhole. Financial and social alike.

I'm going to commit some fiction, sleep [because Toasty's being wonderful and making art via stream again] and maybe accomplish something else in the afternoon. We shall see.

In the news:

  • Queen won't let Harry and Meghan come crawling back
  • There's another deadly pandemic that causes brain swelling. Odds evens, it becomes politicised
  • Plague traces detected in the sewerage again
  • Aldi's been responsible for cheap groceries for years, but this might be over
  • First colour images of Mars WITH SOUND emerge and go viral
  • Nurse murdered eight babies but she's pretty so maybe the law will go easy on her 9_9
  • Dodgy highrises skirt warranty scheme and I wonder who's behind that [coughcough rich people coughcough]
  • Mount Etna blows up
  • Prince Philip still in hospital
  • Facebook could face legal trouble over their latest dick move

And finally: Dumbass me left a serious error in a story for almost an entire damn day. It's been corrected. I said "Havenworlder" when I should have said "Deathworlder" and didn't firkin catch it T_T ::grumbles in Author::

I'm going to at least glance at my prompt and maybe write as much as a paragraph before Toasty's stream ends. Stay tuned.