Sunday, Day 0, Twoferfest Beginneth

Plague news: Seven hundred and sixty-five new cases, all local transmission. We have officially dropped the damn ball on this GD plague. There are two thousand and forty-seven total active cases, one hundred and twenty-three of them are in hospital. At least the poor sod in the ICU got out.

Vax news: Australia scores 94.1% first vax, 91.0% fully vaxxed. Queensland's STILL tangled for last place with WA at 90.4% first vax, 85.9% fully vaxxed. NSW is edging closer to that magic 95% first vax, but they're not there yet.

Omicron is, apparently, the plague we have to live with. I'm in the "at risk" population, so I'd rather not live with it thankyou. I will probably die if I get it. I already have enough problems with Asthma. I don't need to deal with Long Covid probably making my everything worse.

For those of you wondering WTF Twoferfest is, that's when I write TWO stories per stream instead of one. So I can catch up with the calendar and achieve a correct score. Finally, I will be in sync with the calendar. Huzzah!

Today is another day of staying hunkered, but only IF my spawn's Crimbolio Money is burning a hole in their pocket. I have the equivalent of $200 to spend irresponsively, and... it's ALL going on D&D shit.

Who knew I would find DM'ing fun?

IF I ever get to play the game in person ever again, I may be that one geek who turns up with buttloads of nonsense to play with.

Also, Beloved is getting a resin 3D printer, so I now have an excuse to go ham on environment tiles if I so choose. If I go that far down the old rabbit-hole.

I will find my painting kit FIRST. End of.

In the news:

  • Everybody's going to get Omicron
  • Google no longer top website
  • Woman attacked with acid by Ex marries the bastard
  • Changes to booster rollouts
  • Some fuckwit went on a shooting spree in Sydney
  • More Crypto Drama
  • Vegan stages a protest in a supermarket
  • More downpours for Australia
  • Antivaxxers try to serve fake legal papers to a football star, and pop them in the wrong mailbox
  • Apple Store boycott is on. I already don't go there
  • There's a new cryptocoin. Yay.
  • Sports judge quits over transgender competitor

And now for today's second tale.