Sunday, D&D and Scheduling

I have received news that a friend of Beloved is plotting to have some D&D on Mondays.

I am already awake too long on Mondays.

But I also want to play D&D :P

If I'm going to play, I should figure out what the hell schedule I'm working with because Long Monday is going to ssuuuuuuuck if I go through with it.

But then again. Lure of the game.

It's so... shiny...

The allure is there. Gotta admit. In betwixt writing a book about my D&D character, writing endless stories about my D&D character, thinking up music animatics about my D&D character, running a D&D game for murder hobos, and wishing I could play my D&D character again.

Coming up with a NEW chaos gremlin character might make me tone it down a smidge? You may laugh now.

Anyway. I am making the Bikkie today because my love is still prepping meals for me. If all I consume is The Bikkie, then that shall be okay.

But for now - my story.