Sunday - Day One

I have to make Beloved cut my new loafs so we can wrap them and freeze them for the later on of great need. I have ordered new flour because we're almost out of the dang stuff.

Sourdough eats flour. Even keeping it alive at the rate of half a cup of flour a week gnaws away at the supplies. It took me a while to get through ten kilos, but it all goes away in the end.

I'm writing a story, and spending the rest of my day just faffing around. Potentially with Beloved.

None of the shopping I wanted to have happen yesterday didn't happen. Bluh. Miss Chaos got her shaggy locks shorn, so that's one win. She needs new shoes and we need a bunch of stuff, and things are going to get expensive, I don't even know. We can afford it, but... It's going to hurt.

I don' wanna have expenses... ::whinegrumble::

In the headlines:

  • Sex offender who raped an underaged kid given a light sentence because it was an older lady taking advantage of a younger boy
  • Melania dragged for planning to throw a party at the White House that promises to be another superspreader event
  • Muppet called out for claims that the plague is going away in spite of facts to the opposite
  • La Nina storms smite Melbourne
  • Muppet now claims he's done more for peace than any other Nobel Prize nominee - you already lost, you great orange git
  • Woman uses TikTok to make sure the man who murdered her sister gets the justice he deserves
  • AusPost employee drags the CEO for lavish spending, alluding to wanting a four-figure Cartier watch the executives got
  • Point of interest, CEO bought herself a five-figure watch

Yeah, CEOs should be rewarding the people who actually raised a sweat in their inordinate amount of work. I'd be doing that if I could actually employ people.

Let's get on with this story for today.