I woke up in the wee smol again, so I used that chance to finish up Episode Fourteen of Inter-Mission. Yay.

Which means that I can begin working on editing episode fifteen the next time I wake up in the wee smol. Yay.

Today, Mayhem is complaining about a sore throat whilst also having a wider neck than normal. Checked against other symptoms, it is probably not Mumps. Ye gods, that lad can catch anything.

On the agenda today is little more than the usual content creation with, perhaps, an interlude to fetch my lad back from school and maybe schedule a doctor's appointment.

Somewhere in my not-so-immediate future is finding a cheap way to stop Jolie repeatedly marching across my dang keyboard. I've tried most things at my disposal - cardboard box next to the keyboard, actively interfering with her whenever she tries to walk on the keys, just picking her up when she tries for it. There has to be something somewhere that works.

Some genius has to have it so I can write and love my cats.

Whelp. Mayhem has decided to go to school late.

I shall do some googling now on that thought before I get into the Instant for today.