(submission instead of ask because you can't embed pictures in an ask, reply privately if you prefer) This was something I started ages...

(submission instead of ask because you can’t embed pictures in an ask, reply privately if you prefer)

This was something I started ages ago, it fell by the wayside when uni work got ahead of me and I don’t know if It’ll ever be finished, but as a very rough base it was what I thought T’reka might look like because I had never seen a guineafowl before but do own a grey chicken, sans most clothing because I wanted to get the feathers sorted before figuring out what to put over them. (the little smudge on the right is a hand, there was the little girl reaching towards her that I cropped off to save space since she was still in super-rough)

For an idea of how detailed it was planned to go, look at T’reka’s right hand. How far off is it in terms of what she actually looks like?

I added my own scribbly-sketch attempt at T'reka. The pointy thing on her head is a bone crest that Guinea Fowl have.

Everyone should google Guinea Fowl. They are incredibly adorable birds. On the ground, they look like speckled basket-balls with heads and legs. They fly by throwing their heads in front of them and flapping madly to catch up. And they have the worst survival instinct of all Earth’s creatures: they react to a loud noise by sticking their heads up and calling at the top of their lungs. Seriously. People used to hunt them with police whistles and shotguns [::PEEEP!:: (birds stick their heads up) “lulu lulu lulu” ::Blam!::]

So of course I had to have the first species to contact the highly dangerous humans be a bunch of birds with the survival instincts of a meringue duck.

I know I haven’t stated as such in the stories, but the default clothing of Numidid kind is a vest and leg-warmers ensemble.

[I keep feeling I’d do better in Spore’s Creature Creator. Bluh]

T'reka by Callmegallifreya

T'reka as scribbly-sketched by the author