Statistics Sunday

I forgot about gathering my statistics, yesterday. And I'd eaten a rough quarter of a packet of salted macadamias before I remembered.

To quote Homer Simpson: D'oh!

So, with last week as a reference. This week's stats are:

Weight: 77.2
Fat Weight: 29.6
Waist/Height: 0.547
Blood sugar: 2.8
Blood Ketones: 5.8
Breath Ketones: 18.9

The blood sugar and blood ketones are slightly in the danger zone. I forgot to eat, yesterday, and ended up with only the aforementioned macadamias and a boiled egg for noms.

Yeah. I have been naughty lately. Absent-minded not-eating is bad, m'kay? And it's my worst possible flaw, too.

I really need to remind myself to actually eat food.

Starting with this morning. There should be enough eggs and mushrooms to make a cheeseless omnomelette for one. I know I have enough kale. Including the accidental kale chips I made. Which are still sitting on a counter and waiting for someone to munch on them.

Depends on how much I'm into browsing at the time.

Meh. I have to go eat something.

Story soon.