::static sounds::

I don't know what it is with me, today, but I have the attention span of a hyperactive kitten and all the focus of the bottom of a coke bottle.

I am most definitely off station.

Case in point: It's half-nine and I am only just now writing this blog. I apologise in advance if today's free fiction is lackluster.

Most, if not all, of today's creative energy is going towards Beauties and the Beastly because I insist that my novel writing is top shelf. Maybe I'm too picky, but things like continuity errata and mischaracterisation are things that happen too much in your average novel.

It's why I look for non-average stuff. Or maybe I'm just weird. I dunno.

Today, I have to get more meds. Always a great start to having no money. Why they can't have a monetary supplement for the chronically ill is beyond me. Also - why do they make you keep going back for prescriptions? It clogs up the system and puts one at risk of catching something from other patients. If there was something like a lifetime prescription, that would be fantastic. Or even annual. If you only have to rock on in once a year to make sure your meds are still doing their job, that would be so much better.

Or an actual lifetime prescription. That way you only turn up when something's going do-lally.

...I need to get on with today...