Soldiering on

Something here is, I swear, that does not like me enjoying my life.

Yesterday morning, I forgot that I had to go on the Leyland's Tour to get Chaos some of the metal help she needs. The kid's wound tighter than an obsessive persons' clock. I can't really fathom why, Beloved and I spoil the spots off her.

Anyway. On top of that nonse, I also had to do my regular nonse, which included the monotonous and thankless task of linking up the menu for 2015's Year of Instants. I only did 50 yesterday, alas. Which means I have more work, today, if I want to keep up with my self-inflicted schedule.

But really, I want to get this year's Year of Instants the hell out there so I don't have to fret about it any more. So I can get on with fretting about my WIPs, chasing my beta readers, and fishing for an agent in NY who's willing to handle a slightly bizarre author from Down Under.

I'm pretty much stuffed because nonse.

And yes, I did spend some time on that one.

I gotta look at the plus side of all of this, or I'll wind up in another pillow fort and hiding from reality again.

Plus of hunting down that third frelling opinion at last - I finally get to edit the fuck out of Kung Fu Zombies and have it nearly press-ready.

Plus of getting a NY agent - my books have the potential to go global and therefore take the world by storm.

Plus of getting Chaos' help - Chaos is better equipped to deal with this cruel world.

Plus of doing all of this and putting in the hard work - increased potential for income, and being able to have nice things. Like more chances to see Steam Powered Giraffe. And to drag my family along.

I am going to fight for some tub time, this weekend. I need that nonse like I need air.