So here's the PLN

  1. Blog
  2. Brat run (doy)
  3. Cash run (because Monday)
  4. Instant Story
  5. House Unfuckening
  6. Mesh cut to fit
  7. 500-1K words in Kingdom of Sand: Border of Bones

That's a lot... and most of that is normal, average, ordinary BS.

Throughout the week, I have two objects to paint, six if you count each individual angle-iron foot for the final unit of the walkway.

We have a table/chair/bench for the interior of the actual cage and I'm counting that as a pure win. Considering the absolute MESS that happened with the first junction box, I am fitting the wire first and painting later.It just makes sense to do it that way.

I actually feel on top of my game, today, but I'm not taking chances. I'm making certain I stay focussed with some focus vibes care of assorted binaural beats videos on YouTube. Similarly, making certain I get enough sleep is also the win.

For now... I check on the little darlings' cumulative progress towards being ready.