My plans have, once again, gang aft agley. The bronze pins are too thick for some of my seed beads, so unless I want to slow down and find the wide-bore ones, I'm going to have to make my own from the wire I have. Turns out the holes are too small for any kind of pin.

Good news: I don't have to go trawling for findings again.
Bad news: A majority of my time, today, is going to be spent on hand-making pins from my beading wire.

I think I'll use my supply of gold, first. Then move on to the black and the silver.

When I run out of those green seed beads, I'm going to be looking for a better supply.

But, waste not want not. I've had plenty enough delays, and now all my impediments are with other people. I can get on with things! And I'm going to bloody well get on with those things, and badger my other people to get the fuck on with it.

The sooner all means of production are in my hands, the better off I will be.

About the only person I can rely on for this thing is, currently, myself. I have to bark everyone else into doing anything that I can't. Pain. In. The arse.

I also need to arrange a day for editing KFZ so I can finally go trawling for agents.

I need to go look after myself. I forgot to eat again.