Slow starts, low batteries, and recreated inconvenience

Yes, I've stopped using Steam Powered Giraffe lyrics. Well spotted, you.

SPG has helped me cope with a lot of things, and now 'grief' can join that number. I'll try to tone it down from now on. I can be... kind of annoying on the topic of my favourite band.

As you might expect, grief comes with a seemingly endless patch of personal recharge issues. Low batteries, in this case, are mine. Few spoons to drag myself through the day.

And since my brain hates me, optional replays of the last moments. Against my will, most of them. And like all worst memories, perfectly preserved for my viewing 'pleasure'.

That general inertia kept me from being my usual whirlwind of irresistible force when it came to getting anyone going. Least of all, the love of my life.

Said best-beloved spouse decided to recreate a nonsensical meal plan for an entire day to see if the same effect (nicely low blood sugar levels) can be replicated. This includes a 'breakfast' of Up&Go at 10:30AM.

And since I'm used to breaking my fast with my beloved, so we can keep an eye on each other, I kind of hung around nearby and napped.

Sorry, dear readers. I'm finding it difficult to do anything, these days.

Of course I was upset that Beloved's plans wasted my time. So I'm tired and grumpy and the coffee doesn't taste right with almond milk in it. I just want to sleep until my problems go away. But we all know that tactic has the fail. Big time.

I have loads of nonse to deal with. There's nobody else to do it for me, for all that I wish there was.

And I really wish that there was.