Slow start

I didn't get to sit at my computer until 10AM, today. We went shopping after getting the kids to school.

And I'm learning how corporations are getting everything messed up so they can make more money. Like, even more than I suspected. The profit motive is the most insidious and venal motive there ever was.

Monsanto is excellent at killing things. And that includes its customers. And the soil their products are used on.

I am very glad we're going to be doing Aquaponics and getting away from the Monsan-toe-rags for the foreseeable future. Heritage plants, of course. Seed savings and all that nonse. We will know where our food comes from and have our peace of mind.

I know we can't encourage everyone to change their lifestyles like we're doing, but we can at least try to look after our own. We can tell people about ways to break free. Whether or not they want to do the same is up to them.

I don't have a lot of high hopes for the remainder of my lifespan. The Muppet is pointing his tiny fingers at vaccines because his pals want better profits through chemistry. Which is going to root over the entirety of the US and any other country that the US can bully into playing along.

The good news for Australia is that our current government firkin hates the Muppet. My only hope is now that One Nation doesn't rise into ascendance and the human disaster who leads it goes on following USA all the way.

So... I'm hoping that racism doesn't come to the fore in a nation full of racists who love to blame immigrants rather than other nations' impacts. Yeah. That's going to be super-effective.

I'd best to get on with it then.