Slow Progress

Things... are chugging along. I'm into the final stretch of B'Nar, I've reached the point in my TangleBag(tm) is almost taller than it's ball of origin, and people apparently really liked my last Wordpress Wednesday. Huzzah. if only the nice folks in Hollywood would notice this shit.

I know. I know. I am but one voice in the wilderness, yaddah yaddah. I would like to think that someone, maybe even a capital letter Someone, is out there and taking a few notes.

I can dream.

So while I'm out here being the change I want to see in the world... I want to give the inventors out there a nifty concept. I even have a snappy name:


You know how there's some stuff that you just can't recycle? Table glass, pizza boxes (because grease), coffee cups for some reason... All that noise.


Imagine if there was a way to automatically sort that shit out. We have smarter and smarter technology on our hands. We have robots that can make decisions. We have programs that can imitate human faces.

So why isn't there a robot that can identify normally un-recyclable items and sort them out of a stream? Maybe even put them into a sorting line for humans (who apparently 'need' jobs) to sort out the finer details.

Imagine, for instance, if we could launder the grease and manky cheese out of pizza box cardboard.

Imagine if we could sort glass by the chemical processes needed to re-use it.

Imagine if we could re-use everything.

There's ways to do most of this already. Hell, there's a process using pressure and heat that 'digests' anything with a petrochemical origin back into a petrochemical state. It even generates electricity and has clean water as one of its byproducts.

There are ways.

We just... don't use them.

Imagine if we could merge all those ways together into something that could potentially eliminate waste. That's Recyc-all. It could exist. Let's make it real.

Especially important - let's make it profitable. Because there's no way it's going to be used if it isn't that.