Some idiot shot up a place of safety for the LGBT community, yesterday. Some idiot will claim that it was on religious grounds and, for a change, the world will believe him and not claim that he is insane.

For once, this might just be titled an act of terrorism. Why?

Because the shooter was allegedly a Muslim.

If he was a white Christian, he would be declared insane or mentally disturbed before the shrapnel had stopped flying. If he was white, he would be 'a lone wolf' and the Media would be blanketing the air waves with all his prior good deeds and what a promising career he had before something snapped and he murdered fifty people and injured over fifty more.

All because he saw two men holding hands outside of a gay bar in Orlando.

I feel a great sympathy for the LGBT community. They go through sixteen colours of hell and deserve all the happiness they can grab.

I feel a great swelling of sorrow for humanity that this is still a thing that can happen.

I feel dumbfounded in the extreme that the Media still uses the tired old tropes whenever another mass shooting happens in the states. Brown Person = Career Criminal. Muslim = Terrorist. White Christian = Insane Lone Wolf.

When will the Media tell the truth and admit that this idiot was yet another homophobic asshole that was spoon-fed homophobia by their very own heteronormatives-only deluge of our-way-or-the-highway, bury-your-gays saturated quote-unquote 'entertainment'?

Heaven forfend that they admit that the homophobic mass shootings are, indeed, homophobic. Why, that would make homophobia look bad.

Ugh. I want to retire from humanity. What are my options?