Sideways, again!

Did the story before I did my blogging. Derp.

On the plus side, this morning marks the first where I can do something that I haven't done since I began Keto. Yes, folks, I finally dipped my bread in my soup.

Of course, it's Keto-friendly coconut 'bread', and my usual cream of egg drop chicken noodle soup, but it's been so long. I love it.

Art work on shot #6 of SESP is finished, and commenced on shot #7 with barely a breath between to do a Zero Effort panel 'toon. Anxiety is fun only when you find a way to poke fun at it, my dear readers.

And I poke fun at it by saying that there's a gremlin in my head. And then draw hir shenanigans.

I need coffee, and I need to fetch Mayhem his birthday pie. As soon as I get back, I'll be posting a little something for my Patrons and then rattling on with my novel-in-progress.

And bothering my Beta-readers about getting back to me with edits for Beauties and the Beastly.

At least Costco has fuck-off huge boxes of coffee buttons in my brand.