I'm late for putting up my Wordpress Wednesday, so I should dig up a li'l something-something for y'all. I hope you like chapter 2 of Beauties and the Beastly.

I've had enough of disparaging the administrations as they continue to mess things up. I've had enough of complaining about how scared I am. I've had enough of being scared and hunkering in my bunker and I'm certainly not going to whine about how much freedom I don't have because idiots everywhere are acting like the crisis is over.

That's what this blog is for ;)

I have PLNs to use up the last of the White Wings wholemeal to make an enormous loaf of sourdough out of the one lump of nonsense from one kilo of flour. I'm going to keep the hydration to 700g of water and just... hope for the best. Take my time and whatnot. Just... chill.

I need more chill in my life. Especially recently, with the plague nonsense.

For mental survival, I've put together a playlist of videos that cheer me up every time. Welcome to my sense of humour. I hope you enjoy.

It's almost 9AM, and I'm still working on my blog. Best to just move onwards and create some fiction and post a chapter.

Let's do this thing.