Sick Games I play

That is, games I play when I'm sick.

Like: "Is it really this cold, or am I feverish?"
Or: "Am I tired from virus fighting or depression?"
Or: "What dose do I really need?"
Or: "Should I be worried about this symptom?"

And my personal favourite: The Keeping Your Fluids Up 10 Metre Dunny Dash.

Three guesses what got me up at 2:30AM today?

Yeah. Illness has means of getting us down. One way or another.

So now game #2 is "Exhaustion, virus, or sad?"

And the hardy and recurring "Is this a real asthma attack?" I wish I could strike it from the list, but it seems to be a crowd favourite.

And, also today, I feel miraculously 'up'. Like I have a surprising amount of energy for someone on spotty sleep, mucous in the pipes, and a back that likes to stab itself.

I'm conserving my reserves, all the same. I know how this goes. Virii have fooled me before. This is the midpoint fake-recovery. Where if I go berserk and try to fix the mess that happened while I was down, I will immediately fall over and be sick worse for a further fortnight.

I haven't been really 'down' with this virus, yet. Not an advanced state of 'down' like Miss Chaos was. Just the usual run of no energy and generalised malaise.

Today is a lack of appetite day. I'm not really hungry, even though I acknowledge intellectually that I need to eat to live. The moments that I am hungry are weak and unmotivating.

I might make myself something warm and tasty, and probably regret it afterwards because this happy little lurgi comes with random bouts of gastric reflux. I haven't thrown anything up yet, but the day is young.

I might yet make myself something warm, tempting, and absolutely horrible for my waistline. It's that kind of bug.