Shutting down everywhere

Beloved managed to score some limited little luxuries and, by all reports, everything be completely batshit bonkers out there. People are panic-buying ALL sorts of bullshit. I know when I went for my week's ration of ice cream, there was almost NO flour. There were three packets of wholemeal flour, of which I only took one.

I only needed one. So I got one.

Meanwhile, Beloved got SIX firkin packets of eggs. Like, each one is 18 eggs, and they got six of those. That's over one hundred firkin eggs. Dear.

We all need to ask the rational questions. Rational questions.

Like: How much do I actually need?

Or: How long would this much last me/us in a normal situation?

Or: Can I deal without this?

And: Is there someone else who actually needs this more than I do?

I think this week's Wordpress is going to be a plea for rationality. We need that.

In other news, I have reached the halfway point in ep 25 of Inter-Mission so I might actually get that accomplished before I need to do the next one as well. I suck.

Something's arrived at my Auspost Locker and I honestly hope it's the proofing baskets I purchased because making sourdough bread is one of the many, many things one can do during Self-Isolation periods.

Otherwise, it's something I forgot I ordered, so it's a surprise present for me. Whee!

Onwards to the rest of my nonsense...