Should You Be Using The Internet?


The incident from earlier got to me a little bit, and I was sort of wishing that people had to pass a test or read a list of rules before using the internet. So as a joke I wrote up this little quiz.

Take this quiz to find out if you should be using the internet.

1. You want to know the answer to a question. What do you do?
a) Google it, and ask someone if you can’t find the answer.
b) Ask someone, and google it if they don’t know the answer.
c) Ask someone, and make them google it if they don’t know the answer.

2. You say or do something rude, and someone confronts you. What do you do?
a) Apologize and try not to do it again.
b) Only respond nicely if they were nice first.
c) Bury them in emotionally charged, illogical arguments and hope that they back down.

3. You disagree with someone on the internet. What do you do?
a) Explain your view clearly and politely. Remain respectful if they disagree.
b) Explain why their view is stupid. Make condescending remarks if they disagree.
c) Insult their intelligence, character, and family.

4. Someone posts a photo that they took or art that they drew. What do you do?
a) Reblog, favorite, like, or comment.
b) Save it to your computer, forget where you got it, and post it with the caption, “Credit to the creator.”
c) Save it to your computer, crop off the watermark if there is one, and post it on your blog as if it’s yours.

5. You see a post that says, “Friends are awesome. Post this on the wall of your 10 best friends or it means that you really hate them.” What do you do?
a) Shake your head as you scroll past it.
b) Post it on 10 of your friends’ walls. You don’t hate them!
c) Post it to EVERYBODY’s wall, then share another post that says you’ll die tomorrow if you don’t share it.

If you got mostly A, congratulations, you are a top-notch internet user! If you got mostly B, you have room for improvement. If you got mostly C, get off the internet and look at your life and your choices.