Short Week

This Monday was a public holiday, so we have extra time for faffing about on the day. Schools are allowing students to come back so long as social distancing happens, but I'm betting my last dollar that this will be the source of another wave of the damn thing.

Australia and Britain alike want to investigate the pandemic and China is up in arms about it. Of course. China doesn't want to look bad, but I tell you, nothing looks worse than covering up a mistake.

Victoria and NSW have insisted on opening schools and -shock of the week- there's another spike down there. Colour me shocked.

They're shuffling residents in aged care facilities and I have to wonder how effective that's going to be when the tests aren't accurate. I know one lady had negative test results for a week and succumbed to the plague as a result. Now there's a panic about all the people she's come into contact with.

I'm doing what I can to kill the base canard that children can't catch or transmit the plague. This is a lie with its origins in US right-wing "news" where a host stated it as fact and instantly got shot down by the expert he was interviewing. This has done absolutely nothing to stop people repeating it. Wishful listening.

News is especially tonedeaf, because they have news about schools going back online to outbreaks of plague in the same area. I'm rolling my eyes so hard they can be used to power the world.

They're still claiming the plague came out of a laboratory and... they're going to be very upset when the truth is revealed. AKA, the truth that it was a natural virus, as was already discovered by several weeks ago. There's still the whole coverup issue, which is true. Tonedeaf Americans claiming China deliberately three-D'd everyone [deny, delay, distract] when they were doing the exact same thing round about January-February.

Spain is coming out of their bubbles, but it's unclear as to whether that's going to cause another spike. Facemasks are mandatory on public transit and in public spaces and that's a wise move. They prevent the spread.

It's looking like this plague will be persisting because of idiots who want business back to normal before any kind of reliable testing/treatment/vaccine/cure is out there. I really wish money didn't run this world.

There's secret locations guarding supplies of PPE, there's military organisations helping hide medical supplies from the US federal government. There's bidding wars for that which should be rationed out equally for the good of all. It's madness. It's 100% madness in the US and it's leading to unprecedented levels of death in the disadvantaged.

Anyway, I should be writing some fun and happy fluff for you. Everyone should have something bright in their day. Especially these days.

Stay kind, stay sane, and remember to get some sunshine.